The substance used in botox application is a protein secreted by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.This substance blocks the electrical conduction from the nerves to the muscles, and temporarily reduce or eliminate the function of the muscle in the applied area. When the muscle function is lost the wrinkles on the skin are reduced or disappeared, and during this period the skin finds the opportunity to recover itself.

  • On horizontal lines in the forehead area,
  • On the lines between eyebrows which causes frowning brows appearence,
  • Lifting the tip of both eyebrows,
  • The lines and wrinkles on the tip of both eyes and showing the face aging (goosefoot),
  • Correction of the wrinkles on the lower eyelid and the low eye
  • In horizontal lines near the nasal bridge,
  • Lifting the nose tip
  • If upper gums are appeared while laughing
  • Vertical lines on the upper and lower lip (smoking lines),
  • Lifting the corners of the lip
  • In the horizontal lines between the lower lip and the jaw,
  • Making the chin skin smoother
  • Treatment of horizontal lines and vertical bands in the neck,
  • Treatment of excessive perspiration at hands, feet, face and armpits

Another application area of botox is excessive perspiration and various disorders attached with this. Botox has been used extensively in recent years in terms of sweating disease called hyperhidrosis in the medical mostly occurs in the armpit, hands and feet.

Stress, emetics, stimulants such as insulins, excessive working of the thyroid gland, adrenal gland diseases, menopause, hypoglycemia, obesity, drugs used in the treatment of certain cancers and hormones are among the main causes of perspiration. Sometimes perspiration may only be structurally. A very little amount of Botox injected under the skin where perspiration is intense, block the operation of the nerves reaching the perspiratory glands temporarily and avoid the production of sweat.

Botox is applied to the sweating with special very fine tipped needles. Improvement is observed in the first week after the application. Botox effect usually remain 6 – 8 months, the second application is done when the effect begins to fade.  Depending on the individual, it is possible to stop excessive sweat from the perspiratory glands for a certain period of time.  So that perspiration in the armpits, palms and the soles of the feet can be eliminated especially during the summer months.

Botox is injected into muscle with special fine tipped-needles. The whole application takes 10 minutes.

Botox practice’s effect starts at day 3-7 and effects remain 3-4 months approximately. The effect of Botox may continue 12 months if the sequence of the application is increased.

Botox practices are used for aesthetic purposes for 15 years.  Its use in muscle diseases is much older. The botox approved by FDA is used largely all around the world.

Practice must be done by doctors who have been trained on this subject, otherwise practice results may not be satisfactory and cause temporary problems.

There is almost no riskin  botox application when it is done by an experienced specialist. Temporary headache may occur after application.  In rare cases, a short period of low eyelid deficiency can be seen because of the  the wrong application in the eye contour.

No. Wrinkles are gradually relapse, and may even be better than before.

Face can be washed and any makeup product can be used right after the botox. Massage should not be applied to the injection areas and these areas should not be rubbed much when cleaning the makeup after the application of botox. Exercise programs such as aerobic, step should not be performed for two days.