Conscious Sedation

Fear of dentist is very common in our society. Because of this fear, many people either don’t go to the dentist or delay their treatment. Or is trying to take the treatment in anxiety and fear. If you are also worried and afraid to go to the dentist, “Conscious Sedation” will help your dentist visit with no fear but enjoyment.

Conscious sedation is applied by inhaled -nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The patient is conscious and reflexes have not disappeared and can respond to conversations. Patent feels the relief by inhalation of the gas and fear and worry disappears. It is also called laughing gas because it causes laughter in the patient when it is inhaled too much. Conscious sedation is a safe method used for many years in dentistry. Everything turns to the normal within 5 minutes after stopping the inhale the gas and you can easily return home without your companion.

  • It eliminate the state of anxiety and fear in the patient.
  • Nausea and vomiting reflexes disappear.
  • Eliminates the nervousness in long treatment sessions.
  • Provides ease of treatment in moody children and adult patients.
  • Provides compliance with treatment in mentally and physically disabled children.