Free Anesthesia

The distress of the injection to the tooth starts with the anesthetic pressure.The Wand which known as a computerized injection system, largely eliminates the mentioned  discomfort by controlling the pressure at where anesthesia is given. The results are promising: 82% of patients have reported no pain after computerized injections.

Let’s see how it Works. A very thin injection needle placed at the tip of a pen-sized device is brought near the gum, but before touching the gum, a drop of anesthetic substance numbs the surface tissue.

While the dentist  slowly placing the needle into the gums, the tissue at the tip of the needle already numb with anesthesia. The computer slightly gives the anesthetic after the needle gets in. There is no feeling of pricking or burning. And since the anesthesia is only targeted at one tooth, the whole jaw doesn’t numb.