Laser Treatment

Painless, needleless and non-anesthetic treatment is one of the biggest advantages of the laser. With such an advantages the laser device used for cleaning the rotten tissues of the teeth and gum surgeries has an important role in defeating the fear of the dentist. The water molecules targeted laser system creates small explosions in the targeted tissue by absorbing the laser energy wth the water on the tissue. These small explosions dissolve the interconnected tissues and separate the tissues from the surface. Since there is no thermal or mechanical effect during the procedure, there is no pain or sensitivity observed. Since the laser cut is done 1 mm away from the tooth tissue, treatment can be done without pain, anesthesia and bleeding. Prevention of micro-cracks caused by the vibration of the turbine in the teeth, working without touching the tissue and forming a sterile area in the treatment environment are other factors that increase the success of the laser.


All kinds of hard and soft tissues in the mouth can be done with laser treatment. Treatments such as removal of decay tissues in teeth, removal of bone embedded, removal of root cysts, root canal dilation and disinfection, treatment of gingival infection, lengthening of tooth sizes by cutting the gums for aesthetic purposes, cutting of tongue and lip ligaments, intra-oral aphthous and ulcer treatment, the removal of tooth sensitivities, removal of colorations due to hyper pigmentation in the gums  are successfully performed by  using laser.


It is often preferable to use laser In patients with fear of dentists or injectons, pregnant women and people with serious illnesses such as heart disease where the  anesthesia is inconvenient. So the patients feel themselves more comfortable.

It would be a good choice to apply the laser treatment for the children who were taken to the dentist for the first time because the first experiences were determinative in later life.