Panoramic Dental X-Ray

Panoramic X-rays are the X-rays that allow to see the jaws, all the teeth and many disorders on the teeth in a single film.


  • Panoramic x-rays are necessary for the diagnosis of formation such as decays, cysts and tumors that are invisible.
  • X-rays help to make treatment planning faster and complete.
  • It is a x-ray that a physician should see before surgery for jaw and teeth. Because these X-rays give a wide range view of the location to be treated and increase the success of the operation.
  • Panoramic x-ray provides early diagnosis of many cystic and tumoral formations in the jaws.
  • The image of all teeth can be seen on a single x-ray.
  • Provides early diagnosis and treatment by taking the image of all teeth. And saves both time and treatment costs.
  • Panoramic x-ray is a type of tomographic x-ray which views all teeth and jawbone together but with less radiation.
  • Using a digital system improves the quality of image and significantly reduces the amount of radiation .