Porcelain laminate

Porcelain laminate is a very fine shell of porcelain materials that is used onto the front group teeth. It can be used for patients who dislike the tooth colour and shape, who have broken or ctacked teeth and who have gaps between teeth (called diestema). The tooth is prepared with 0.5mm etching. So the porcelains are very fine and fragile. However researches showing that porcelaine laminates are not seperated from the teeth even if there is a trauma causes the broken teeth.

Porcelain laminates are adhered to the teeth with a very special technique. So how does such a fragile and thin porcelain has such a strong structure? Here the trio of science-technology and art become together. Porcelain laminates shows the same physical characteristics as the tooth enamel after it is bonded. These are apply to the porcelain which is very meticulously prepared. Otherwise, negative results may be encountered. Today, porcelain laminates are the end point of dentistry in the aesthetics of adhesive and bonding techniques.

Laminate veneers can be made mainly to remove color changes and to correct the shape. Main application areas can be summarized as:

For patients who have discoloured teeth due to use of antibiotics, genetic defect, or who want permanent whiteness and the cases where the results are not efficient after the methods like bleaching.

To close the gaps between teeth (closing the diastema)

To fix broken or cracked teeth

To correct the discoloured old fillings

To fix crooked teeth (as an alternative to orthodontics treatment)

It can be an almost a perfect cosmetic alternative.

It is possible to give your teeth a natural beauty by using this method if you can not smile with confidence because of the cavities, fractures or structural abnormalities. Previously, in such adverse situations, fillers and full crownings were the only solution, but today there are new alternatives such as laminate treatment.


Healthy and natural look is provided with a small operation.

It is good enough to open a nail wide alveolar (which may not be needed).

They are made of durable and none-discoloration materials.

The desired aesthetic properties of the teeth without deteriorating the natural structure is only possible with laminate veneers. No change is made on the tooth or the result can be improved with a little correction. The amount already removed from the tooth is limited to 0.3-0.7 mm. Thus, no teeth need to be cut.

Laboratory phase of the treatment takes only 3-4 days

However, at the end of this time, it may take 3-4 weeks for your lips to adapt to your new look in the smile design.  We suggest some lip exercises and reading during this adaptation period. At the end of this period, you can easily smile with your new teeth which are completely integrated with your face and are impossible to understand that they are not natural. A design can be realized by making a copy of your teeth that you are not satisfied with the appearance. In other words, we can show you the change that will be applied on your teeth before any operation on your teeth.

Because the porcelain surfaces are extremely smooth, stains and tooth stones due to cigarette and other reasons will be minimized. It does not cause change in color with external factors such as coffee, tea and cigarettes. It is a quite fragile material. However, its resistance to tensile force is very high when fully adhered to the enamel. For example, it is not possible to remove a bonded veneer from the tooth as a whole. However, it can be removed from the surface of the teeth by diamond bur.

High resistance to abrasion.


There are advantages in terms of health compared with other restorations. However it is a more expensive treatment comparing with others. It is a sensitive technique. Needs a good clinic and laboratory work. The physician and dental technician should have complete technical knowledge and artistic ability on this treatment.