Dental implants are titanium artificial dental root that are positioned into the jawbone to make prosthesis for the missing teeth. It is a both more safe and functional treatment way comparing with the traditional crowning, bridge and plate prosthesis.


First of all, implants are solid, safe and comfortable treatments. The teeth are applied on implant both looks aesthetic and natural that can not be seperated from the original teeth and are also longlasting than the conventional prothesis treatments. Some of the advantages of the implants are; better chewing, eating what you like and healthy and balanced nutrition and happier social life by gaining self- confidence.

In addition to all these, other healthy adjacent teeth are not effected and touched in implant treatment. Implant treatments stop the problems such as constant pain and poor chewing in patients with prosthesis and lost all the teeth in the lower jaw as well as the melting of the bone tissue over time

The patients with prosthesis who lost their upper jaw teeth mostly suffer with nausea and loosing the sense of taste due to closure of the denture by prosthesis. Implant treatment free them from such problems. So negative psychological effects are eliminated as well as the physiological disorders.


First studies on implant were made in 1800’s. Today it has reached almost a perfect condition since that time by leaping forward. Today we can see 30 – 40 years of implant applications. As long as the mouth and teeth care is realized,  Implants can be used for lifetime.The daily care of the implant, tobacco and alcohol consumption and general health condition of the patient are important parameters as well as the suitable implant and the technique of placing it  . The success ratio of the implants can be varied between 90% and 100% based on all these conditions. It is necessary to highlight that the role of the patient is very important in the success of the implant. Your dentist will provide detailed information for you.


Except for some cases (such as some heart conditions, blood coagulation disorders, rheumatic diseases, diabetics, patients used some cortisone medications for long time) it can be used at any age after bone development has been completed (it is considered as 16-17 years of age fort he girls and 18 for the boys). Except for that condition there is no upper age limit. Implant screws are the materials are in specific thickness and width. Therefore the jawbone must have a necessary height and width. Existing quality of the bone is important to succeed of implants.


An operation lasting max. 1 hour after local anesthesia is performed depending on the tooth and bone structure. No pain is felt during the treatment. A special screw made of titanium is placed in the jawbone. After 1 week, the stitches in the area are removed and if the implants will be placed in the front area, a temporary prosthesis or bridge is applied. There may be some pain which is similar to pain after tooth extraction. And this pain can be relieved with simple pain killers. It is necessary to wait for a few months for the healing and adaptation of the implant to the jawbone. (Please consult your doctor). After this process the treatment is completed with placing a permanent prosthesis is placed on the implant.


There is not more possible risks then any other surgical or oral operation. These may be infections at the early stage and allergic reactions in some cases, and inflammation due to insufficient oral cleaning after prosthesis. Especially smoking may increase the risk of infection in the early period.


It wouldn’t be right to say that implant is very expensive treatment considering its results and the duration of use (can be said almost a lifetime). However, this definition may be subjective depending on the income level. Using the high-tech products which makes the treatment long-lasting, long-term treatment requiring specialization are important factors to set the price. Intraoral status of the patient and the number of the implants are also the other factors affect the price. So the final price is set after the examination of the physician. An important point here is that almost all of the implanted individuals stated that they were very pleased with the treatment.